Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Snowman Kit

Had to share a gift I put together for a few of our friends kids this year. It's actually been a gift I've been thinking about for awhile now. My friend Kim gave my kids a kit similar to this one several years ago and I kept meaning to see if I could come up with a clever crafty way to make them for friends. This past spring I spotted Magic top hats at the Dollar Tree so I snagged 4 of them. I also picked up some plastic carrot candy holders at Easter for the nose. I originally thought I'd just put all the items in a basket but then spotted the tall cylinder drink containers at the dollar store and thought that my hats would fit perfect on the top. Used a little sharpie magic on the containers for faces and then made the eyes, mouth and button pieces out of coke bottle caps and golf t's. They just needed a little glue and spray paint and they were perfect. Stuffed all the pieces, a $1 store scarf and mittens in the containers and we had ourselves the cutest little snowman ever. Even added some fake snow into the clear bags and tied them off with a little tag that said:
Snowman Kit!!!
I am a little snowman. I am so fat and round. I started from a snowflake that fell upon the ground. I have black coal for eyes, a great big scarf of red. I have a carrot for a nose, a hat upon my head. I have some buttons on my vest, and on each hand a glove. I have a smile for all who pass, because I was made with love. (snagged this poem off the net and I'm not even sure who wrote it but kudos to the clever little snowman writer)

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